Oct 29, 2008


अनेकमूर्तिरव्यक्तः शतमूर्तिः शताननः॥

അനേകമൂര്തിരവ്യക്തഃ ശ്തമൂര്ത്തിഃ ശതാനനഃ

விஸ்வமூர்திர் மஹாமூர்திர் தீப்தமூர்திர மூர்த்திமான்
அநேகமூர்த்திரவ்யக்த சதமூர்த்தி சதானன

ಅನೇಕಮೂರ್ತಿರವ್ಯಕ್ತಃ ಶತಮೂರ್ತಿಃ ಶತಾನನಃ


అనెకమూర్తిరవ్యక్తః శతమూర్తిః శాతాననః

anekamoortiravyaktah satamoortih sataananah

717. Visvamoortih – “Of the form of the entire universe.” Lord as the total – created, so his form is called Visvaroopa. The total gross form of the universe to be gather represents his gross-form-divine.
718. Mahaa-moortih – the great form divine of the lord as he reclines upon the sesha couch as the very support for the creator to bring into existence the universe of the forms and plurality. The entire universe and the creator of the universe are but an aspect of Sree Narayana, the Supreme Self.
719. Deepta-moortih – “Of the Resplendent Form.” As Consciousness, He is never bright and fully effulgent illuming all experiences at all times. Sanjaya reports: “If the splendour of a thousand Suns were to blaze out at once in the sky, that would be like the splendour of that Mighty Being.”
720. A-Moortimaan – “Having no Form.” Though He is described above as Deepta-moorti: “of the resplendent Form”; Mahaa-moorti: “of great form”; Visva-moorti: “of the universal-Form” – He has, in reality, “No-Form”; A-moortimaan. He pervades all, but nothing limits Him. The limited alone has a form-the unlimited, like ‘Space’, has no form. The Infinite Brahman being so subtle. “Subtler than the subtlest.” Sree Narayana as the Self-in-all, allows everything to remain in Him, but He is not conditioned by anyone of them. ever.
721. Aneka-moortih – “Multi-Formed”: One Who Himself has become the world of varieties of Forms -Who has Himself taken the various Incarnations in order to help the world of beings to evolve quicker and fuller.
722. Avyaktah – “Unmanifest.” Things are called manifest when they can be perceived by the sense- organs. As the Self. The Consciousness in us. Sree Hari is the very faculty of seeing. Hearing, smelling, tasting and touching in the five sense-organs. He being, thus, the very subject. He cannot at the same time be the object of the sense-organs. Hence. He cannot be defined or described.
723. Sata-moortih – “Of Myriad-Forms”: even though Consciousness, like Light, has no form of its own, all thought and the thought-projected world of infinite forms are all illumined by the Supreme. Therefore, the Self, functioning through the fluctuations of the restless mind “creates” the illusion of forms-all those forms as His, just as all dream- forms are created by the waker’s mind only.
724. Sataananah – “Many-Faced”: because He is of the Universal-Form, all faces are His only. “Hands and feet everywhere, with heads and mouths everywhere, His ears everywhere, stands (The Lord). enveloping all”.



Inspiration & courtesy:
Contribution of Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Professor, Department of ECSE, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, U.S.A.

Sanskrit script Courtesy:
Shri. N. Krishnamachari