Sep 7, 2008


आवर्तनो निवृर्त्तात्मा संवृतः संप्रमर्धनः।

अहः संवर्तंको वन्हिरनिलो धरणीधरः॥

ആവര്തനോ നിവൃത്താത്മാ സംവൃതഃ സംപ്രമര്ധനഃ

അഹഃ സംവര്തകോ വന്ഹിരനിലൊ ധരണീധരഃ

ஆவர்தனோ நிவ்ருத்தாத்மா ஸம்வ்ருத ஸம்பிரமர்த்தன

அஹ சம்வர்தகோ வந்ஹிரநிலோ தரணீதர

ಆವರ್ತನೋ ನಿವೃತ್ತಾತ್ಮಾ ಸಂವೃತಃ ಸಂಪ್ರಮರ್ಧನಃ

ಅಹಃ ಸಂವರ್ತಕೋ ವನ್ಹಿರನಿಲೋ ಧರಣೀಧರಃ

ఆవర్తనో నివృత్తాత్మా సంవృతః సంప్రమర్ధనః

అహః సంవర్తకో వన్హిరనిలో ధరణీధరః

aavartano nivrittaatmaa samvritah sam-pramardanah

ahassamvartako vahnir anilo dharaneedharah.

228. Aavartanah - One who is the Unseen Dynamism behind the ever-whirling wheel-of time upon which play the endless drama of birth and death. The repetition (Aavartanam) of these changes is the experience of Samsaar, and the One mighty Lord, in whose presence alone the factors of matter start their thrilled dance of decay, is indicated here (Aavartanah) as “the Great Power behind the continuity of change in the world of phenomena”. In the Geeta, Bhagavan says, “O Arjuna, the Lord dwells in the heart of all, and spins, through His Maayaa, all layers of personal ties as though the universe is a complicated machinery.”
229. Nivrittaatmaa - The pure Self, which has retreated totally (Nivritta) from all Its identifications with matter. In short, Maha Vishnu is the Pure Self, ever Immaculate and totally Free from all the sorrows of the constant modifications taking place apparently in the Prakriti.
230. Samvritah - One who is completely veiled from the recognition of the “Perceiving-feeling-thinking entity”, the ego (Jeeva) . The Self is veiled away from direct experience of all Jeevas. This intellectual state of non-apprehension (Aavarana) creates the agitation (Vikshepa) which is the cause for the misapprehensions of Truth as the sad and sorrowful world of imperfections. Thus veiled, lies the Truth today to the seeker, and that Glorious spiritual Centre is Vishnu.
231. Sampramardanah - One who persecutes relentlessly men, who are sensuous, evil-minded, and so, fully extrovert in their personality (Raakshasas). In the form of disease, decay, disaster or death That which manifests to annihilate the pride, vanity and conceits of all “animal-men”, as they live drowned in their flesh cravings, low emotions and materialistic values, is the Ultimate Reality-the Supreme Lord Vishnu.
232. Ahassamvartakah - One who thrills the day (Ahas) and makes it function vigorously (pravartakah). The one who dynamises the day and lends the enchantment of joy to all living creatures is the Sun. The Mighty Truth, who, in the form of the Sun, gives life to all and lends this energy to them to act, is Vishnu. In the Geeta, Lord Krishna says, “Please understand that I am the Light of the Sun that illumines all earth; and the light and heat in the moon and fire are all mine only.”
233. Vahnih - Fire. One, who is worshipped at the altar as the God of gods, was Fire in the Vedic period. Invoking the various deities, oblations were poured into the Fire in Vedic ritualism and Lord Fire is entrusted with the duty of conveying the oblations to the appropriate deities Invoked by the devotee. In short, Vishnu is the Omniscient Lord, who conveys appropriate Karma-phala to the Kartaa (doer) and thus fulfils all actions of everybody, at all times.
234. Anilah – This term has four distinct meanings. All of them are appropriate here. (a) Air (Vaayu); living creatures; (b) “Beginning-less” (Aadi-rahitah); that Truth, from which the concept of time itself has born, must have been there even before time, manifested, and therefore, in terms of our intellectual concept of time, we can only say that He is “Beginningless”; (c) ‘Eater’ of food (Attaa); all experiences that satisfy the inner man is called the “food”, and since all experiences are lived only when illumined by the consciousness, the Supreme, in terms of our experience is called the “Eater” and (d) “The Homeless” since He is All-pervading He is the shelter of all and He is not sheltered by anything.
235. Dharaneedharah - One who supports (Dharah) the earth (Dharanee). The field of our experiences is the earth, and for all our earthly experiences, Consciousness is at once the very substratum and the very Illuminator. In the Light of Consciousness alone, the web of happenings around is held together to provide us with our experiences.



Inspiration & courtesy:
Contribution of Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Professor, Department of ECSE, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, U.S.A.

Sanskrit script Courtesy:
Shri. N. Krishnamachari